A little jaunty rock set to kickstart your week

Morningbird – “Love in different ways”
-I really love this song and can’t wait for the full release from this band, Morningbird. It takes a lot to really stand out for me these days, but I can tell you my Eagles and Beatles-loving heart is totally enamored by what Morningbird are doing here. They have developed a timeless harmony-driven rock sound that shows both tenderness and driving energy. I absolutely can’t wait to hear the rest of the album and will be playing this one out while I wait!

Dalton Jackson – “Lower”
-When I tell people I like pop rock music, this is what I want them to think of. Dalton Jackson has a ton of positive vibes that exude from this track. The energy in the lead vocal is infectious, but then the keys just make it work even more. There’s a bit of a Ben Folds or even Matt Thiessen vibe to this track. I could listen to this kind of thing for hours. If I had Ben Rector’s number I’d call him and play this track for him.

The Slide Machine – “Blue Sky”
-I like the vintage vibe of this track. It’s as much Americana as it is rock. But you know what? It’s charming. That’s the best word for my feelings about this track. It’s got a sort of timelessness to it that puts a smile on my face. I could see it used in commercials or even a musical because it’s versatile and has a ring of major chord energy to it. If a kick line forms in your house, we’re not responsible for giving so much joy!

Nordi Blu – “Skin”
-I would call this pop more than rock, but it’s definitely got some raw energy to it. I love the way the bass line sits right in the center of the mix. The vocal is solid but not overbearing, even when it takes off. The overall vibe is intense with a nice danceable groove. I’m not sure I fully comprehend the lyrics, but the overall vibe is fun.

Mother Sun – “Straw Man”
-When you clicked this link looking for a rock track, Mother Sun are what you had in mind. A dash of early 90s grunge blends perfectly with a sort of timeless mid 20th century rock ethos. The full sound is one that just feels right. I hear shades of Springsteen in the lead vocal and a garish, almost-theatrical resonance to the melody. It’s a cool track definitely worth your time.

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