Top 25 Folk Music Blogs for 2019

We are excited to present our top 25 folk music blogs for 2019. These are arbitrary rankings from the musings of a fellow folk blogger. We look at style, depth of coverage, and frequency of posting. If you disagree with our list, feel free to contact us on social media with suggestions for blogs to consider for next year.

*NOTE: Some of our friends who write in other languages are sad not to be included here. Since we read English, though, we stuck with English-based blogs. Sorry about that.

1) Twangville – – Some things never change, right? Like the consistent and engaging coverage of folk and country music from our friends at Twangville. They run away with the top spot again this year.

2) For Folk’s Sake – – Every year it seems FFS is a contender. This year we were happy to read some unique pieces on the site. It’s always fun to see how they approach the folk scene with humor and a nice layout.

3) Chill Filter – – Chill Filter moved up the list this year with continued solid coverage. Mostly, we love the trendy appearance of this site. We’re just a couple of folks with a WordPress site and Chill Filter puts us to shame! Thou shalt not covet thy neighbor’s blog.

4) Timber and Steel – – T&S is a perennial favorite on this list for the remarkable amount of passion and information. There are details on the backs of details here. This is a blog that will take away hours of your life learning about bands you need in your life.

5) Various Small Flames – – VSF is the closest thing to a folk culture mag we’ve found and we are okay with that. If you’re looking to connect with style and personalities in the folk scene, you’ll need to follow this unique and engaging site.

6) Beautiful Song of the Week – – Every once in a while you run across a site that just gets it. They get the passion for music. They get the significance of design. They even do a remarkable job of not oversaturating their readers with content. It’s always a joy to check out BSW.

7) Casual Band Blogger – – There’s nothing casual about the Casual Band Blogger. Filled with helpful articles and great new music, CBB is a site that continues to bring us back for more. You’ll find plenty of under the radar artists on this site.

8) For the Rabbits – – Last year FTR impressed us with their layout. This year it’s still fantastic. Maybe they could lend us some design help. No matter what you are looking for within the folk scene, FTR have something for everyone.

9) Two Story Melody – – TSM is as much a philosophy blog as a music blog and we’re not mad at all. It’s a wonderful little site with plenty of interesting articles from multiple perspectives. We’re stoked to feature this unique literary contribution on our list.

10) Drunken Werewolf – – DW have been at the top of the blogging world for a long time. They continue to crank out amazing content with an enjoyable design. They’re like perennial all stars… except with blogging not sports.

11) Folk Radio UK – – Folk Radio UK continue to produce amazing blog content year after year. If we ever get a chance to visit “across the pond” these are bloggers we’d like to buy a pint. They show dedication to the craft and always seem to find diamond in the rough folk artists to cover.

12) Three Chords and the Truth UK – – This blog has a great name for anyone who loves folk music. There are other blogs with fancier graphics or trendy pop ups, but this blog brings depth of analysis you won’t find in many other places. It’s worth putting into your reading rotation.

13) BSide Guys – – If you like to find deep cuts or unknown artists, this is the blog for you. There’s a real pride in indie music that exudes from this site. We’re happy to feature them on our list again this year.

14) Come Here Floyd – – CHF brings a nice sense of variety to the music that they cover. The depth is helpful if you want to know a little bit more about what you’re hearing. This is a quality blog that has consistent uploads to keep you coming back for more.

15) OpenEars Music – – This site has it all from a playlist on the side, regular content updates, and a fantastic logo. I can’t overstate how much I appreciate the old time imagery in the site logo. The mix of music is pretty dandy as well, I’d say.

16) The Grey Estates – – If purple is your color, check out the Grey Estates. Seriously the trendy layout and design of the site will catch anyone’s eye. If you click on an article you’ll see there’s some solid writing as well. This site is the whole package.

17) Breaking More Waves – – Picture this… it’s a sea-green main column with in depth several-paragraph writing on each artist featured. It’s peaceful, dreamy even. The overall ambiance of the site will keep you there. The songs sometimes rock the boat, but the full experience is worth setting sail.

18) Indie Obsessive – – Indie Obsessive has the perfect balance of grit and charm. It’s a site with plenty of content and a personality all its own. If you haven’t checked it out, now’s the time. The regular updates and unique layout make it all the more genuine.

19) Hi Five For Blog – – This is a new blog for our countdown this year. The clever writing will win you over right away. The regular content updates, including playlists, will have you considering more new music than you can handle. Celebrate good times, come on!

20) Ohestee – – Ohestee covers more than folk, like us at ETTG. In fact, a lot about this blog reminded me of our site. But if you’re looking for lots of new music and a crisp layout, it’s a great place to go. They do feature some folk so definitely put them on your rotation.

21) Yellow Black Music – – I am stunned by how beautiful this site is. Honestly they cover more EDM and electro than folk, so most will be surprised to see them here. But honestly you can easily sort and find the folk music you like from an incredibly engaging platform.

22) When the Horn Blows – – This website has a nice clean design and regularly features new music. If you are looking for writing focused on the bands themselves rather than trendy and buzzy writing, this is the site for you.

23) American Pancake – – In a world of hundreds of blogs, how do you set yourself apart? Make your theme about food. Yum. But seriously AP has a cool design aspect and isn’t afraid to explore different genres. Although not a pure folk blog, it’s definitely something they cover and is worth bookmarking for future exploration.

24) Adobe and Teardrops – – The fun thing about blogging is that everyone brings their own personality to it. The folks behind Adobe and Teardrops definitely give a unique layout to their writing. There’s tons of information and regular playlists on this site, so check it out for plenty of new music.

25) Not A Sound – – Admittedly some friends of ours in the blogging world, Not A Sound are an up and coming blog. They don’t cover *just* folk music, but they know their way around a Dylan track. If you’re looking for depth of coverage, these guys are a great place to go.

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