12 new musicians to listen to this summer

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Summer is the time to update your playlist. We will tell you about 12 young and stylish artists who sing about feminism, the problems of the modern generation, and their dramas.


Beabadoobee is a 918kiss of indie music. She draws inspiration from such musical directions as “lo-fi” and “diy-scene,” as well as their representatives, including Alex G, Frankie Cosmos, and Florist. The vocal of the 18-year-old girl is as gentle as those of Nina Perrson from “The Cardigans”; you can easily see by it listening to her brilliant second EP called “Loveworm.”


18-year-old AMA appeared on the music scene last year, and her track “Monochrome” immediately became a hit.  So far, her discography is quite modest, but her smooth vocals and catchy melodies from the track “Slip” and the last single “Real” prove that she is one of the singers who are worth listening.


Rimon’s debut album “EP BBYGIRL FOCU $” takes listeners on an emotional journey through the soul, R & B, and Ethiopian jazz. The stories of a 21-year-old girl sings about are as strong as her voice: as a child, Rimon ran away from Eritrea with her mother and lived in several refugee camps before settling in a village outside Amsterdam.

Dream Wife

Three young girls have formed the band “Dream Wife” and are resolutely fighting misogyny in their powerful and inspiring songs. In the song “Somebody,” the band sings that body, make-up, and clothes are not the main things: “I am not my body, I am a person.”

Arlo Parks

In her new EP “Super Sad Generation,” Arlo Parks raises the most common and serious problems of the modern generation like 918 KISS: from the mental health problems to social networks. When you listen to her powerful vocals and deep lyrics, it’s hard to believe she’s only 18 years old.


The last album of “Sneaks” called “Highway Hypnosis” combines electronics, trip-hop, dub, and drum&bass. Her quiet, mantra-like lyrics in the songs “Money Don’t Grow on Trees” and “A Lil Close” cause an emotional outburst.

Lean Chihiro

The 19-year-old singer from Paris Lean Chihiro sings in English, and her French accent gives her the uniqueness. Her songs are as bright as the colors of the rainbow. The best tracks are “Reglement Space #7” and “Summer Hunter 2”.

Suzi Wu

A native of the English city of Blackpool, the young singer Suzi Wu is one of the last members of the label “Def Jam,” which cooperates with Kanye West and Justin Bieber. Her specific perception of pop music is playful, experimental and disrespectful, which is especially noticeable in her latest EP called “Error 404”, which features squeals and growls, loud claps and retro motifs.


The music of “Slayyyter” is some crazy fusion of old-school Britney Spears, cloying of PC Music and excessive sweetness of “Peache.” It is perfect for listening to “Slayyyter” when riding a cabriolet with an open top.

Fabiana Palladino

Fabiana collaborated with the songwriter Jai Paul for the track “Mysteries,” complementing it with her brilliant high. “Shimmer” is her first track; it is a kind of pop music that will definitely make you dance.


Cosima releases singles on her own record label “South of Heaven Records.” The vocal of the 25-year-old Englishwoman is sustained and very professional. You should listen to her slow and melancholic performance in “RU Lonely 2”, where her strong voice rises and takes off.


South African girl Angel-Ho creates experimental club music. She sings about oppression, transgender identity, and the ability to withstand the most powerful blows of fate. She has worked on her debut album “Death Becomes Her” with such producers as Asmara, Gaika, and Bo.

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