Four neoclassical tracks to ease you into a relaxing weekend

Christopher Dicker – “Precursor to a day”
-Sometimes it’s the notes that aren’t played that tell the most. Dicker’s use of space and phrasing in this piece is fantastic. I have two small children, so I haven’t awoken to a “quiet morning” in years, but one day again this type of experience of easing into a day will feel tranquil. For those who have a cup of coffee and a nice window, this is the perfect start to a relaxing day.

Fabio di Biase – “Ocean”
-This is not the first time we’ve covered di Biase and it probably won’t be the last. The exquisite composition style of his music continues to impress and relax us. The articulation feels so warm and welcoming. I can imagine utilizing this to relax with a glass of wine in the evening after dinner. It’s a delightful modern classical piece with a few jazzy chord changes just to keep you listening closely.

By Gunnarsson – “Hope”
-One of the best things about neoclassical music is that we don’t have to contemplate the lyrics. We can just ease into the music. But this track speaks volumes to me. There’s an articulate optimism in the track. It doesn’t ease into despair like so much instrumental music seems to do. This makes me want to sit up and take notice. It blends some experimental forms creating something truly wonderful.

William Ogmundson – “Schumania”
-I appreciate William Ogmundson’s work so much. This peaceful piece is more classical than neoclassical, but it’s still worth featuring here as it is the quintessence of relaxation. I love that some of the themes feel historical and vibrant. It awakens the writer and scholar in me quite easily. I can’t help but think of the Ken Burns documentary films when I listen to this. It’s inspiring and sweet.

Photo credit: by Gunnarsson Instagram

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