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La Felix – “Real Thing” feat. Becca Krueger
-I dig the danceable groove of this track. I also think the lyrics are really fun for anyone who has ever had that moment on a dancefloor (or otherwise) that someone has a ton of potential to be “the one.” Maybe once you sober up you’ll have a different conclusion, but in that hazey beautiful moment we’ve all had this thought run through our minds. It’s nice to have it captured in song.

Stupid Bloody Tuesday – “Take it or leave it”
-I dig the up tempo style of this track for sure. The harmonies are grungy at times but definitely build toward something exciting. The overall style is really intense and a lot of fun. In a world of so much fake music and machine-based sounds, it’s nice to hear some real guitars and real vocals. This song could have come out in 1992 in the height of the Oasis hype and would have been beloved. Let’s make it so today!

I, the Mountain – “The Boat”
-Readers of our site for a long time know how much of a sucker I am for a happy go lucky rock song. If it’s something that gets me singing along and feeling good, I want in! This track from I, the Mountain is full of good vibes and encouragement. It’s about sticking with a tough project or problem and celebrating success along the way. I love the harmonies and energy so much. If my life had a soundtrack right now, I’d include this song. Also boats – hello! – perfect for this time of year.

Roseburg – “Premonition”
-I am convinced that a significant part of an indie rock band’s success is in the quality of the lead vocal. With that being the case, Roseburg is poised for outstanding success. The vocal is quality, the guitars are CRISPY, and the overall mix is phenomenal. This is a super clean sound that I could enjoy for hours on end. It just sounds like a good time. The lyrics are abstract, pointing toward a hope of being together with a presumed love interest, but they aren’t too trite or derivative. It’s about going with the flow. I love the psych rock bridge, too. It’s just an altogether killer track.

Til I Fall – “All I Have”
-Til I Fall are the kind of band that are exactly why this site exists. I mean seriously I doubt the local radio stations are playing music like this, but I absolutely dig it. It reminds me of those late 90s and early 2000s pop punk bands that were dominating that era. I can almost hear the screaming girls on TRL asking for a track from Sum41 or New Found Glory. Til I Fall absolutely are making intense, chord-heavy rock with punk vox and an emotional core. It’s good stuff.

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