Indie rock that’s true to the roots of the genre

The Great Fuss – “Route to misery”
-This rock track has a ton of spirit to it. Something about it feels very old school, yet it has a really fun modern swagger to it. There’s a mid-career Beatles joviality to the sound that puts a smile on my face. I love that the layers are complex enough, but at the end of the day the vocals and the guitar are what drive the sound. I could get into jam rock like this fo sho.

Shanghai Blues – “On my mind”
-This is what pop rock music is all about. I appreciate the intensity of this track. The tight hooks and overall style keeps me going. I dig the way the clean production brings the sound together. Everything from the drums through to the soaring vocal all fits together really well. At times it feels like the mid 90s alt rock that was the stuff of my youth, but other times it just feels like a modern confidence to a timeless rock vibe. I dig it.

Champagne Lane – “Golden Hour”
-If you can listen to this and not immediately think of Lake Street Dive, then you’re in a different head space than me. But that’s not a knock on Champagne Lane so much as a compliment that anyone can even be in the Rachel Price stratosphere. The attitude here is cool jazz take on four piece rock. I don’t know the story behind Champagne Lane, but if they keep cranking out killer chill rock tracks like this, I’ll be writing their story soon. I love the coolness on the lead vocal balanced with the funk evident in the rhythm section. This is a smooth salvo from an up and coming new band.

Talk Time – “Year of Self”
-It’s not every day that I hear a track and think, “okay this legitimately has hit potential” but I thought that about Talk Time’s latest track “Year of Self.” Here’s why I think it can be a hit – it’s pure CLASS. The production is smooth as butter and the overall package feels like it meshes together everything you’ve loved in music from 1985 until the present. The glowing synth meshes with undeniably fascinating vocals. The full composition is absolutely engaging. I love this sound!

New Politics – “Comeback Kid”
-Listed as “alternative” we’re going to include this intriguing track with the rock playlist. You know why? Because it freaking RIPS. New Politics have a really powerful style and I bet 99.999% of people will sing their lungs out on this chorus. I seriously love jamming to my air guitar to this kind of song. If you’ve ever been down and planned to comeback from an injury or some type of mental health setback, this track is unbelievably strong. You gotta jam out to this one! It’s so good!

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