The aural delight of neoclassical music

Oumi Kapila – “Nocturne in D Minor”
-I don’t always have words to describe the delight I feel with neoclassical music, but I can think of one for Kapila’s work here; breathtaking. This piece will take the wind right out of your sails and help you calm down. It’s an amazing minimalist piano piece with constantly moving melody lines. The phrasing is truly unique, making the notes feel like personal expression.

Thomas Hewitt Jones – “Classical Lament”
-When you think of classical music as a genre, you probably think of the many violins of a Romantic or Baroque era composer. Instead, Jones brings something that we would call “cinematic.” But let’s not get caught up in the parts so that we miss the message here; this is an incredible piece that evokes emotion from all sorts of remarkable places. Jones writes a melody with tenacity and pluck, while soothing the listener with layered and enchanting strings. This is not merely a song, it’s an experience.

Matthias Gusset – “Hain”
-This minimalist piano piece is precisely what we look for when processing neoclassical submissions. It’s got a moving melody to it, repeats a bit, but does so in a soothing and enjoyable way. It will relax you but not put you to sleep. It’s perfect for a reading or studying playlist. The articulation makes it so that some notes seem to roll out easy while others are staccato and stand out. The full composition is powerful.

Thomas Hewitt Jones – “Pride and Effort”
-At the risk of repeating myself, let’s just say I find the cinematic energy of this piece to be quite envigorating. I really enjoy the light and space that Jones seems to create with his compositions. I feel like it’s a scene in a film where people are running across a meadow or something similarly romantic and picturesque. I love that I can close my eyes listening to his work and feel like I’m transported to another much more tranquil place; what a gift.

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