Best Singers to Watch Out of the UK

America may have invented rock ‘n’ roll, but the U.K. perfected it, as the saying goes, from the British Invasion among ‘60s singers to ‘70s punk and Britpop in the ‘90s. Countless Brits have made the Billboard charts, perhaps most famously The Beatles, but what about now?  There are plenty of great British singers to watch for that are likely to end up on that list as well as livestreaming charts, including these.

Neon Waltz 

Coming from the town of John o’ Groats in northern Scotland, this band with Jordan Shearer on vocals infuses its music with the atmospheric beautify of the country’s coastline. Shearer and his six bandmates have often been named among the best artists to watch for with well-written “magical,” songs like the beautiful restrained sway of Bare Wood Aisles and the subtly anthemic Sombre Fayre. The buzz around the group continues to get louder.

Alternative pop singer Cecil is from Berkshire but is based in London now with dark, mysterious songs have dominated 2018’s charts. Her single “Toybox,” is said to “cast a spell” with its “sinister” chimes combined with such bewitching vocals. If you’ve ever thought about dropping by London for a tour or simply to check out your favourite singers, be sure to click on London x city to find out all you need to know before departing.

Grace Carter

Grace Carter has said she was an “angry child,” who used a guitar given to her by her stepfather as an outlet for her frustration. She taught herself how to play piano watching YouTube videos and has since honed her skills, becoming an especially talented original songwriter crafting soulful, piano-led pop. Her song “Why Her Not Me,” isn’t just another tune about a breakup, but about her dad choosing another life instead of choosing to raise her.

King Princess

Rumor has it that Harry Styles is the one behind the incredible rise of King Princess, with the former One Direction star tweeting lyrics from “1950,” her debut single, to his millions of followers shortly after it was released. The confidently queer ballad was named one of the top songs of 2018, and many say the world would have discovered her without his help, but it certainly didn’t hurt. She said to be poised to make the bigtime when it comes to pop stardom.

Lava La Rue

This rapper, singer and producer is out of West London. She also happens to be a clothing designer leading the NINE8 collection who was enlisted to create a menswear runway collection by the British Fashion Council in 2018. Her distinctive vibe shines through her debut EP “Letra” where she floats between evocative raps and singing over a soothing, soulful production.

Olivia Devine

Hailing from Tyneside, England, Olivia Devine sold her car so that she could make a courageous move to London, but it was well-worth it, as incredibly only two months later she was signed by a major record label: Warner Music. Her breakout single “Peer Pressure” sealed her future as a relatable pop star using minimalist beats and autotune. While she hasn’t skyrocketed to the top just yet, that’s s coming soon, likely in 2019.

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