So you’re an Americana fan, are ya? Check out these tracks then

DL Rossi – “Good Woman”
-When I listen to DL Rossi I can’t help but think of David Ramirez. That’s like telling someone their hitting style looks like Hank Aaron. Rossi has just the right kind of rasp to his voice that works perfect for the Americana-tinged rock-based and country-kissing music that’s really prominent right now. You could put this track in with a Jason Isbell playlist and no one would call it out. There’s a rich lyrical theme about being a better man with a nice steady beat and a raucous guitar. It’s a fantastic song.

Joe Slater – “Rainbow”
-Close your eyes and think of the prophet singer John Fullbright. Now click play on Joe Slater. Do you hear it? He’s incredible. Listen to the phrasing on the vocal and the piano. This is an absolutely stunning composition. The key changes and modulations throughout this track feel like soulful folk with a dash of country. Something tells me this fella listened to some Ray Charles in his life. I’m not even mad. I’ll listen to this one a lot this year.

Max Subar – “Without You”
-When a band promotes themselves with a Wilco comp, I can’t help but be a bit skeptical. Wilco, really? Then I clicked play on Subar and was blown away. This sounds like a melodic, chill Americana that I could listen to all day. I can picture myself whittling or reading a book or drinking the Tallest Whiskey in Ohio (TM) with a song like this on. It’s the sweetest blues track you’ll ever hear… (spoiler: it’s not blues in style but it is in message). Tasty.

Noah Derksen – “What kind of love is that?”
-This track is contemplative and maybe even a bit sweet. It’ll make you think about your loved ones and relationships. We’ve covered Derksen’s melodic acoustic singer songwriter work in the past. We were happy to hear that his sound is still just as rewarding as it was the first time. This is great for a coffeeshop or date night playlist.

Dom Louis – “Dream on my baby”
-This song… man, it does something to me. Here’s what it does – it takes me back to another life, it seems, back when I was young and pursuing love. I appreciate the way the chords roll into one another, creating a feel good and hopeful feeling. The softness in Louis’s vocal is perfect for the sentiment. It’s one of the best tracks that balances vocal, composition, and mood of the song in such a perfect way.

Robert Connely Farr and the Rebeltone Boys – “Hey Mr Devil”
-We get a fair bit of blues sent our way, but it doesn’t all wreck your soul the way that this does. It’s simple in structure, but deep in meaning. I like it that way. Have you ever heard a song that made you feel like you’re far from home? That’s how I feel. It feels like despair. It feels like loneliness and brokenheartedness. There is, as all good blues songs should have, a core hope that things might come back around. But right now it just hurts so bad. Brothers, we feel ya.

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