Three indie pop tracks to bring some joy to your Monday

Van Bellman – “All this time”
-The track starts off with a bit of a reflective, almost melancholy feel to it. But fear not, it opens up into a beautifully lush indie pop anthem. It’s a really interesting track that doesn’t have an easy comparison. I think it’s a sound that could find a lot fans if it got the radio play it deserves. I love the balance between the expressive vocal and the soothing backing track.

Daniel Lampouridis with Ben Hon – “Salt”
-Take a dash of alt rock and some intense pop rock, then mix it with some sort of magic from another world… that’s what seems to make up this track “salt.” There’s a sincerity in the vocal that absolutely pulls the listener straight in. Then… oh my word the hook-happy harmony on the chorus is just fantastic. You’ll find yourself crooning “never let me go” at the top of your lungs. This is what indie pop is all about.

Mile Twenty Four – “Falling”
-If rock vocals are a precious commodity (and they are), somehow Mile Twenty Four is silly rich. This vocal style here has inflection, power, and the ability to handle a soaring energy that absolutely wins the track. The lyrics are optimistic, fitting perfectly with the rest of the track. Something about the song makes me think of some of Ben Rector’s more anthemic tracks. We’re okay with that. It’s a fun 80s-pop-meets-modern-production style that puts a smile on our faces.

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