This is a hit! Mariya Stokes – “Hands on my body” is the feel-good pop song the world needs right now

The day that I heard “Hands on my body” by Mariya Stokes I sent my co-editor Matt Simon a note that said “I found a huge hit.” I immediately started contacting Stokes on social media because I am so excited for this track.

So what’s to like? In short, everything.

Stokes has a sultry vocal style on a song that’s a little bit sexy and a lot of fun. It’s just fun enough for a fling, but also serious enough for those of us in matrimonial bliss too. It’s not raunchy, but it’s provocative. I love that it’s a dancefloor groove but also could work in… uh… more intimate settings too.

Seriously listen to this song and tell me it doesn’t make you smile and think of someone you’re into. It’s perfect for Valentine’s Day weekend… just sayin’.

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