Reimagining Rock in February 2019

St Buryan – “Giving In”
-There’s a grittiness to the St Buryan sound that keeps me coming back for more. Where the vocals sometimes waver, the drum beat and driving guitars make up for. The overall sound is one that is dynamic and engaging. It’s a kind of rock that will have you tapping your toes and nodding your heads.

Ivan Hartle – “You Got Me”
-This is ostensibly a blues song, but holy wowzer is this an incredible song. Hartle is one of the most promising vocalists we’ve found in 2019. The combination of that sassy vocal style and a tight blues combination makes for a style of classic rock energy that we rarely find. This is an absolute hidden gem and we’re astonished it’s not getting six or seven figure play stats yet.

Ozwald – “Dream Child”
-This energetic track from Ozwald has a ton of cool harmonies. It could have been a 60s rock anthem, but here we are celebrating it in 2019. The energy and dynamics on this track are really great. I feel like I should be at a big outdoor festival singing with all my hippie and hipster friends alike. It’s wonderful and melodic and fun to sing along.

John Shakespear – “Swinging for the fences”
-This is a wonderfully enchanting indie rock track that borders on indie pop. I can’t understand why this isn’t a huge hit right now. There’s a sort of George Harrison meets Beck thing going on here that I can’t completely explain but I love it. The chill vibe on this track meets with this beautifully pop, organic chord progression on the chorus that I adore. Seriously who IS this guy?

*Editorial Note: Raise your hand if you’re proud of me for not making a Shakespeare pun about the last artist? “The blog reader doth protest too much, methinks.”

Walden – “Axioms”
-Okay so the band name is a reference to Thoreau… I can’t help but wonder if these guys march to the beat of their own drummer. Sorry, really, I am. Moving on. But make no mistake, it is “evidently true” that these guys have a good handle on indie rock right now. This track has the magical formula that we look for; the vocals are good, the guitars are well balanced, and the sound feels new and fresh without being too experimental. I could spin this all day. Do they have wifi on Walden Pond?

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