Polar Vortex Dance Party – A playlist to get moving!

Tim Atlas – “Dizzy”
-Disco is back, baby! But did it ever really die? The recent trend in bringing back the glowing synths of the 80s is turning back the clock a bit further. Tim Atlas channels his inner BeeGee in this fantastic dance track. I mean, I can almost feel the roller skates under my feet. I dig the danceable groove and the way the vocal nestles right into the mix.

Baby FuzZ – “What U Gonna Do 4 Love”
-If we can get past the weird text-speak title of the track, this is an amazing new disco track from Baby FuzZ. There’s a definitely glow to the guitar work on this one, creating this vibe that will have to envisioning the handsome patrolmen of CHiPs. Get some hair product, put on some clothes that are just a little too tight, and get out on that dancefloor.

Heavy Heart – “Bed Bug”
-At first you’re going to try to tell me this is not a dance track, but then you’re going to listen and let me explain. This is one of those melancholy, alt rock style dance songs that will bring out that part of your soul that disco and house just can’t. It’s the kind of sad-yet-moving track that will make you sway and feel something. Not every dance song has to be one that makes you want to conceive a child with your dance partner. It’s okay to just be sad and move to the beat, too.

Grizfolk – “Heavy Crown”
-This track from Grizfolk is the kind that will get the kids at the club up and having fun. You can just see the woo girls in the front row singing this one full blast. The sing-songy chorus is catchy and fun. The easy going dance groove makes me think of some of the best joyful music from the 70s. I can’t quite figure out what makes this song so fun, but it’s almost infectious. I knew it needed to be on this list right away.

Of course FOUR SONGS are not enough for a playlist, so jump on over to our Twitter or our Instagram and suggest another song that’s got you moving through this Wild Winter. Our favorite picks just might make it to a Spotify list!

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