Turn on the fireplace and these three neoclassical pieces for weekend bliss

John Hayes – “Otariinae”
-It’s not always easy to distinguish quality neoclassical pieces. Some say they “all sound the same,” but I challenge you to click play on this track if you think that’s the case. You can hear light and space between the notes. The phrasing of each thoughtful piano expression feels like its very own statement. I don’t know what the title means or what the track meant to the composer, but to me it represents the perfect soundtrack for watching the falling snow while my children play in the background. It’s a blissful picture of life in early 2019 for me.

John Oeth – “Sonatina: II. Andante”
-I think this piece is exquisite. The articulation on the guitar is magnificent. The main melody repeats just enough to feel familiar, but the whole composition unfolds like a story being told. The dynamics of this piece, along with the peaceful pace of it, make for such a delightful listen.

Federico Delli Santi – “Innocenti Scoperti”
-This piano piece embodies what neoclassical music is about for me. The movement and timing in this song are simply profound. You will feel like you should be doing some sort of fancy dance. But it’s okay to just sit and listen. Close your eyes. Who do you see? Where are you? Maybe on a peaceful beach. Maybe you are with a lost loved one. Something about this music takes my soul to a restful place. That’s more than enough reason to share it with you.

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