A few engaging neoclassical pieces to close the year

Fiamma Velo – “Viaggo nell’Anima”
-Velo’s neoclassical absolutely stands anywhere. It’s a beautifully cinematic and moving piece that does not need lyrics to portray a message. I love how it makes me picture strong characters and cinematic moments that I love. I would love to know the story behind this gripping piano piece.

UAH – “After Words”
-The phrasing on this neoclassical piece is something stunning, honestly. There’s a subtlety with each line that is hard to predict, but is deeply rewarding. It’s not the kind of song that will lull you to sleep, but rather pulls out thoughtful reflection. It’s perfect for thinking through a hard situation, maybe a break up or a tough loss. It’s captivating in its unconventionality.

Anna Sofia Nord – “Safe and Calm”
-This piece has a perfect title. It is certainly “safe and calm” as it connects some stunning melodic lines. When I gently close my eyes during this one, I feel a combination of hearing my family members play piano as well as reading books as a young person. They are both delightful memories. They conjure brightly with this song, though, so I am happy to feel them again. Such a gift.

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