These singer songwriters are going to steal your heart

Xenia Dunford – “Tell Me”
-If apples are crispy and sweet, then this song is kind of the sonic version of an apple. Of course it’s jazzy, but more than the jazzy is the sweetness in the vocal and the crispness of the electric guitar that wins my heart on this one. I am so moved by the lyrics here I don’t even want to talk about it. Ya know? This is a modern classic.

Quanah Jay Hicks – “Dear Love”
-To stand out in the acoustic music scene right now takes something special. So what’s special about Hicks? The guitar is moving and colorful, the vocal is sincere and comfortable, but really it’s the full composition that works. Rather than nitpick this or that along the way, Hicks has a completely believable style. This song feels like he really wrote it for a real love; that’s just adorable.

Meadowlark – “Appetite”
-This is one of the smoothest tracks you’ll ever hear. The coolness is evident. Then you listen to the lyrics and realize just how serious it is. It’s about a kind of abuse and pain, walking away from something awful. The substance will be a lot of some listeners, but the palatable chill electro style is wonderful.

Scott Boyd – “Depths”
-The moving style of this track is not the typical relaxed singer songwriters we typically feature, but the song is still very impactful. It’s about seeking identity from the depths of human experience. There are combat images here, but at the end of the day it’s a poetic kind of seeking about meaning in life. The pop rock style is a welcome way to express it.

Brixn Water – “question still remains” ft Kyle Crosbie
-This is a great track. It kind of reminds me of something NeedToBreathe might have written. There’s a little bit of southern rock to it, a touch of gospel inflection, and a lot of depth. The harmonies, though, win me every day with a track like this. I just want to put it on repeat until I fully get it. I even hear some Fogerty in this. What on earth? It’s great!

Kyan – “Lonely River” (Recorded Live at Abbey Road Studios)
-Some tracks just aren’t even worth writing about. This song, recorded at the iconic Abbey Road Studios, sounds like the authentic blues and will absolutely melt your soul. I can’t wait to learn more about Kyan and the direction of this promising early career.

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