Five Indie Rock Jams you need to expand your horizons

Wharves- “Mo’s Desert Clubhouse”
-Something about the “puttin on the Ritz” vibe about this song spoke to us on an existential level. It’s snappy and has shades of the 80s, yet somehow manages to hit us with a powerful modern punch. We’re happy to support anything that can feel simultaneously so nostalgic and so fresh at the same time. Get a load of this, will ya?

Allan Rayman – “Rose”
-This song has already taken off, so we’re not showing off a hidden gem here. That said, this is one of the smoothest lyrically driven songs we’ve heard in recent memory. The vocal style is crispy clear. The “nice to meet you” riff is really approachable and engaging. It’s definitely far from standard fare of indie rock, but that’s exactly why we love this. You’ll find yourself leaning into this one, we guarantee it.

Lone Kodiak – “Blank Stares”
-I have never heard a song like this. Honestly, have you? It’s one of the most fascinating rock tracks I’ve heard all year. Genuinely, this song feels like it’s the best kind of avant garde, bringing in this new sensibility that is a work of musical genius. The production on the lead vocal is impressive, but it also has this moving beat to it that keeps my attention. Somehow it’s not oppressive or overbearing, but it feels like an inspiring tune about perseverance and memory. To be frank, it reminds me of a very specific time in my life and any song that can do that without feeling corny in the process is totally worth the time. The fact that it sounds great is just icing on the cake for me.

Stop Light Observations – “2Young”
-The beat on this track will have you dancing I don’t care who you are. The lyrics are fascinating if probably… uh… chemically induced. The track is honestly fascinating for a number of reasons. But honestly even if you don’t love intricacies of the lyrics, the sentiment of “I guess I’m gonna die too young” because of the risky life he’s living… I mean, we’ve all been there. It’s a ton of fun and not something we hear every day in our rock subs.

Jesse Conrad – “Crack My Code”
-Conrad has an exciting rock style because it moves, but it’s also not too extreme. It’s got a dream at the heart of it, “I wanna live my life.” That’s the sentiment that makes the spirit of the song and makes Conrad’s music approachable. I’m a sucker for the harmonies, but really it’s the Weezer-like approachability that makes this song work. Take me for a late night drive and show me your town, too. That’s what this is about and it works well.

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