Five Need-to-know Indie Pop Acts

Ida Rose – “Talk About Myself”
-Maybe I’m just one of those smarmy media types, but I don’t usually have trouble talking about myself. Yet at the same time, I find Rose’s lyrics here about social anxiety quite familiar. As an introvert, this whole sentiment about reluctance to engage with certain conversations does connect. It’s encouraging, though, because it’s about the transformation where she has learned to “love herself.” It’s really a wonderfully engaging track.

Twin XL – “Good”
-If you’ve ever had one of those blurry nights out with an old friend where you kind of not so intentionally lose yourself in the club… and find yourself looking into the eyes of someone you don’t know at all but you are feeling some sort of magnetism toward. You don’t know anything about them but they make you feel good. I feel like the whistle-happy tune from Twin XL gets at that kind of moment exactly. This isn’t about a long term committed relationship or whatever… this is about something carnal and immediate. Whistle right along with it, why don’t ya?

VLNTN – “Mona Lisa” feat Peter Fenn
-This song has a sauciness to it that we find endearing and interesting. It’s about the depth of beauty that not everyone sees in a person. The style of the track is mostly pop, but there’s a real substance to the lyrical style. It’s one of those songs that you know if it got the airplay could really fly up the charts.

Rodes Rollins – “Wrong Turn”
-Not every indie pop song has to be all bee boppin and a good time. This track from Rodes Rollins has a delightfully soft and subtle style, but still fits the characteristics of indie pop. The ethereal style in the recording is deeply rewarding for any listener. The vocals are haunting in all the right ways.

Alex Di Leo – “All My Life”
-Just let your ears feast on those beautiful guitars. They soar over the top of the track with this beautiful grace about them. Then there’s the vocal that cuts through the middle just perfectly. The up tempo percussion works to fill out a really satisfying sound. The retrospective yet hopeful lyrics make me think back to those moments in life where you know it’s hard but will be worth it in the end. It’s a really full and satisfying track.

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