Three DJs who stand out among their profession

Choosing just three DJs out of the numerous skilled individuals out there who have honed their talents to a fine art on the DJ turntable is not the easiest of tasks. However, there are a few who do stand out among the profession, who have earned the title of being among the elite. The DJs below have reached achievements beyond even their own wildest dreams, taking award after award and setting new standards.

Martin Garrix aka Martijn Gerard Garritsen
Martijn Gerard Garritsen is better known around the world as Martin Garrix. Born in the Netherlands Garrix has firmly cemented his place as a DJ rising above the crowd.

Martin Garrix has been called a child prodigy in the world of electronic music. He started on the long path of his DJ career in 2004 after watching his mentor headline during the opening ceremony at the Summer Olympics in Athens. Little did he know at the time that in February of 2018 he would be the headline act at the closing ceremony at the South Korea 2018 Winter Olympic Games?

Throughout his career, Garrix has collaborated with some of the most famous names in the world, in the DJ and music fields, along with taking award after award. Garrix has won awards presented by Dance Music, MTV Video Music Awards, World Music Awards, Kids Choice Awards and DJ Magazine Top 100 DJs (in the number one spot 2016 to 2018), among many others.

Marshmello aka Christopher Comstock
Marshmello entered onto the DJ scene in 2016 with a name and persona that ensured he stood out right from the start, deliberately misspelling the world Marshmallow. To enhance this even further he wears a custom-made helmet in a marshmallow shape bucket to hide his appearance when at the turntables.

Marshmello brought groove-oriented, along with heavy bass electronic music and synth music into the limelight, going on to achieve international recognition. Hailing from Philadelphia in the U.S.A Marshmello quickly climbed up the DJ rankings and entered the Forbes list as being among the highest paid DJs.

Marshmello has taken numerous awards between 2016 and 2018 including Best Breakthrough Artists, Highest New entry, Best Dance track, Top Dance/Electric Artist and Best New Artist of the Year.

DJ Shortee aka Queen of the scratch world
Last but not least is DJ Shortee. Shortee stands out in the profession as being the world’s premier female DJ. DJ Shortee has created a good turntable style, one that is unique, earning her titles such as “The unquestioned paragon in her field”, “Queen of the scratch world” and having “Musical prowess and versatility that standouts.

DJ Shortee has been acknowledged for being one of the most technically skilled female DJs around the globe during a career that has spanned over twenty plus years. There are very few DJs, male or female, who have earned the global respect that Shortee has in such a huge range of genres, including Electro House, Drum and Bass, Dubstep, Hip Hop and Drumstep, to name a few.

Among the many awards and acknowledgments garnered DJ Shortee has taken the title of the first female DJ to win the DJs Champion Fever-Buzz Battle in 1997 and was the first female on the number one Hip Hop Station in LA in 2006.

Has this got you in the mood to go in search of DJ turntables for beginners so you can get your groove on practicing? Who knows you could be on the list in the future.


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