If it don’t jangle, we don’t want it – Americana on ETTG

Dan Getkin and the Twelve Six – “At the Ivy Inn”
-You better get ready to dance if you’re going to play this song. It’s a five o’clock on Friday quittin’ time from work kind of song. It’s got a storyline that reminds me a little of Charlie Daniels. Toeing the line between country and rock, this is one of the most thoroughly American songs you’ll hear. Dig it.

David Benedict – “Dorrigo”
-We have featured Benedict in the past; his bluegrass chops are top notch. We’re happy to hear that he’s still pickin’ his way around the country. This song has a nice sense of movement to it. For some reason, it makes me thinking of floating down the river. It’s a really peaceful song for watching the world go by.

Kazyak – “Talking Like a Stranger”
-You have to look past the mechanistic feeling in the opening to get to the vocals. Honestly, the whole song is appealing in a way, but you might not feel like it fits with Americana until you hear the vocals and the banjos. But stick with it. This is one of the more creative genre blends we’ve heard recently, even if we know it won’t be for everyone.

St Pete Holland – “Lullaby”
-Folks who read our site regularly are familiar with this name; we’ve been featuring St Pete Holland a lot lately. It’s just so good. I mean this is how modern folk is supposed to sound. We’re so happy to support what they’re doing and hope we get to hear them live some day soon. The strings blend together for a jangly sound that feels comfortable, while the lyrics speak to a tenderness that will have you dreaming of your own loved ones.

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