They do make country music like they used to…

One of the reasons we started writing about music is the number of people repeating that tired trope that “they don’t make music like they used to.” THEY do, YOU are just too lazy to find it. Thanks for being here, dear readers. Now send your friends.

Zoe Newton – “No Fun”
-This is not the type of country music you’ll hear on that HOT 101 station near you. Instead of using hip hop beats, this is an actual acoustic song. The vocal is real, genuine, and feels like it reflects a life of real love and loss. The whole point of the lyrics are about making the most of a down moment in life. Close your eyes gently and let this medicine sooth your soul.

Amy Lawton – “Undone”
-So this isn’t the old gravely vocal style country music, but I’ll tell you it’s still pretty good. There’s an up tempo charm to this song and style. Lawton is a talented vocalist and writer. It’s about a complex relationship, but no matter who you are or if you can relate you’ll be singing along to that sweet little “I think I like it” line every time. It’s honestly really catchy.

Jarrod Dickenson – “Come What May”
-Dickenson is a gifted songwriter who captures a sort of 60s folk vibe with his music. What is lacks in modern country flash it makes up in genuine acoustic artistry. Think of more of a John Denver or Tom T Hall style of country music. We’re totally okay with that, by the way. This is such a promise-filled, hopeful song about making it work no matter what.

Mighty Joe Castro and the Gravamen – “Don’t Forget About Me”
-The tag these fellas have on this song on Soundcloud is rockabilly. That’s pretty accurate. It’s certainly not old school country music. But we don’t mind one bit because whatever you call it, the sound works really well. It’s jangly and fun; it’s got a simple but rewarding message about staying in someone’s mind even if things don’t work out. Yep, can relate.

The Deep Hollow – “Real Life”
-Something about the Deep Hollow reminds me of the country music that I grew up on in the 90s. There’s a sort of cross between the band Alabama and modern bands more like NeedToBreathe. It’s got a jangly country feel to it with those patented southern rock guitars; it’s the perfect music for a summer festival with your friends. I definitely appreciate what they’re doing and think they’re poised to really take off with some airplay.

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