Unleash your singer songwriter lovin’ heart

Goldschatz – “Thick as thieves”
-If male-female harmonies are your thing, you’ll love Goldschatz. It’s a folk style as old as the genre, reflecting some sweet connections between two great vocalists. The production has a bit of a modern twist, but at its core it’s a quality, timeless track. You’ll be singing that “oh darlin” line over and over.

Joe Dolman – “Align” Live
-Joe Dolman can express an emotion like an ancient poet. Everything from the well-crafted lyrics to the intricate phrasing all comes together in this beautiful track. You’ll hardly believe it’s a live recording; the timing and inflections are perfect. It makes me want to hear the rest of Dolman’s set in person. The layers of strings and overall “orchestral folk” style here is deeply rewarding. I want to hear more!

Noah Kahan – “False Confidence”
-Sometimes tracks just sound like they were made for a sound track. I feel like taking footage of my life and putting it to this track. “Here for a reason but you don’t know why…” amen, brother. But seriously this is a thoughtful, existential track. I love it. If ETTG had a theme song, this would seriously be a contender. It’s such an amazing hand-clappy track that will get you going, but the lyrics will make you ask a million hard questions.

The Coles – “Caught in a dream”
-This song is carefully crafted. The phrasing here is almost like a hymn and it works so well. The lyrics lay over a bed of beautiful rose-petal-like piano chords. I swear it could be blood pressure medicine because it instantly calms me down. When the fiddle enters, the song moves to a different emotional place for me. I think the image of a “dream” is absolutely perfect. It gives me flashbacks to my own dreams in some pretty pleasantly vivid ways.

Collette Andrea – “When I was young”
-Nostalgia is one of those songwriting themes that we just can’t seem to avoid. What I love about this song is the way that Andrea’s vocal feels like a genuine expression of the heart of the song. She could probably sing mountain music just as readily as the blues. Her dusky tone is a perfect fit for this unique Americana track. The overall vibe is a bit of a slow trudging memory, but if you listen carefully it will evoke moments from your own life. It’s not for a party, but it will give you chills if you give it a chance.

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