Dynamic and moving neoclassical music

Astralus – “Bliss”
-A lot of the neoclassical we cover emphasizes the classical, but this track is a bit more on the “neo” side; that is to say that this song feels almost futuristic in its composition. The opening is contemplative and sweet, but it rolls out unique variations that change the texture and tone of the piano. I could listen to this kind of thing all day, especially while reading.

Selma Hande Gade – “All About Gardens”
-Readers of our neoclassical columns are familiar with the name Juan Maria Solare. This is another of his compositions, performed by another pianist. The articulation and phrasing is beautiful here. I love that it seems not a single phrase is repeated, but they are all reminiscent of each other. Almost cinematic, but quizzically moving, this is beautifully engaging music.

Vincent Corver – “Sleeping Piano”
-If you’re seeking truly relaxing music, Corver must appear on the list. This is a breathtaking composition, articulate and gentle. It is the kind of music that makes neoclassical so subtle and soothing. I’m not sure the message of this song, but it is so comforting to me that I want to wrap myself up in it for a rest.

Aiden Appleton and Daniel Ward – “Deliverance”
-This thoughtful, moving neoclassical piece pushes the boundaries of the genre in ways that we really appreciate. The piano work rolls along with conviction, then moves with some dynamic styling that makes you move forward in your seat to listen more closely. This won’t put you to sleep, but it will prepare for you for an adventure like a cinematic training montage. It’s lovely.

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