Playlist naming contest – Listen to these tracks and name the themed playlist on Spotify!

Check out these ten tracks and help us come up with a name. Retweet the article on Twitter or share it on Facebook and we’ll pick the name/theme we like best. We’ll give you credit, high fives, and blow you kisses from Northeast Ohio. You can calso heck out these websites where you can buy Spotify Plays from Jaynike for example

DIET – “Game Plan”
-This unique track uses some fun distortion and unique sound styles. It’s definitely a trendy modern rock sound. Even the rhythm moves and changes from slow to fast a number of times. But how does it make you FEEL? That’s the real question here. Hmm… a good one to start on.

Death Valley Girls – “Disaster (Is What We’re After)”
-Mmm yeah, a cool rock groove to get us started. So where’s it going? Of course some attitude-laden rock vocals to cut through the mood. So who did these talented unconventional rockers get to appear in their video? Iggy Pop, of course. How freaking cool is that? Definitely some fascinating dissonance here to keep us on our toes.

Camera Cult – “Talk Nice”
-Well aren’t those some saucy synthesizers? Check out this cool groove that will have you bringing some of those 80s vibes back into your life. Is your hair getting big yet? I can almost see the neon pants again. “Girl you got my number… call it I’ll be waiting.” Is it a rotary phone by chance?

Henry Nowhere – “Good Thing”
-I definitely dig the chill vibe on this track. The vocal is a bit understated, but it seems to fit the chill rock style. The overall composition just feels like you should have it on in the background of some kind of epic moment in life. I feel like this one is tailor made for studying for a big test. Thoughtful and evocative.

FOXTROTT – “Deliver”
-The lyrics on this track are fire. They cut right through the chilled out style. It’s like that hard conversation you have in life where you’re like “oh I don’t want to work this out but I know we need to.” It’s got a saucy style to it that a lot of listeners will find appealing. It’s about making it work, ultimately. “Come home if it feels right.”

BATTS – “Gun”
-Take a listen to this phrasing. The writing on this track is next level. The understated vocal style is as poetic as it is musical and we’re totally okay with that. BATTS is a Melbourne-based artist with emotional, intricate phrasing that really pulls us in. The delicacy reminds us of Heather Robb from the Spring Standards.

Emily Brown – “Who Can Say”
-Brown is a bit more of a folk artist than the others on the list. We love her lilting vocal style. She sounds like she’s capturing something from those early Joni Mitchell years and we’re not exaggerating. Is she about to bust out a duo with Jackson Browne? (Get it… Brown? Okay, sorry for that one) Anyways, this captures a bit of a vintage sound, but we love the melodic style and overall feeling this one gives us.

Lost Cousins – “City Escape”
-One of the bands this artist compared themselves to is Tame Impala and we thought that was fitting. It’s a vibrant and exciting style of indie rock. Sometimes we tell bands that they do not “stand out” and this is the kind of sound that does. The instrumentation and phrasing both have just that extra something special that makes the track stay with you for a bit. We love that.

Chris Noah – “Fall Through”
-Noah’s style is definitely up tempo and engaging. This specific track shows off some positively Justin Vernon vox, which is a major compliment. The syncopated beat feels sophisticated and pulls the listener into the rest of the track. The synthesizer creates a kind of depth to the song that makes me want to look up at the stars and down to the ground at the same time. It’s expansive in the best way possible.

Chloe Lilac – “Summer”
-Lilac is a Brooklyn-based indie songstress who has an amazing following. Her lyrics are cutting in their precision. What sets the song apart is the way that it stages the message with a thought provoking simplicity, then hits the listener hard with some real rock jam to drive home the point. “Think I’ll start a band… play some Nirvana.” Good call. We like it.

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