Songwriter Potpourri: Something sweet for everyone

Kane Miller – “All We Need”
-Miller’s style is calm, graceful, and intricate. He plays a guitar with passion and lays over it thoughtful lines. The “all we are is all we need” preaches a message of contentment and joy. It’s the kind of song you can picture listening to while enjoying a warm beverage. Much to dwell on… much to be thankful for.

Marc Baker – “How to kill”
-This might not seem like a “sweet” track for this playlist, but it definitely has some pop goodness to it. The lyrics are ultimately about finding love and figuring out what it means. It’s both macabre and optimistic all at once. I invite you to enter into the discourse because it’s worthwhile.

Amy Jay – “Grief”
-This is a sad and GORGEOUS song. Jay’s style reminds me of family favorite Emily Hearn. Her articulation and sound put her right between country and pop in the best way possible. I love how the atmospheric strings create depth and distance within the track. Like a good painting with plenty of depth, this song is about holding on dealing with the day to day while ultimately coping with something much larger.

Aubrey Haddard – “Charley”
-This is an absolute fire soul track. I’m not even going to front; this is one of the sauciest vocal and guitar combinations we’ve heard in years. The comparisons to Grace Potter are there to make, sure, but there’s almost a softer side to Haddard that I can dig in a different way. If you close your eyes, she sounds a little like Rachel Price as well. Talk about a killer combo. Love it.

Leland Blue – “Coastline”
-Leland Blue’s style is easy going and enjoyable. The guitar feels like it could lull you right to sleep. Then the vocals come in with their own sugary sweetness to them. When the whole composition comes together, you can definitely picture listening to this one on a placid beach somewhere. Simply delightful.

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