Five singer songwriters to get September started right

Passenger – “To Be Free”
-We’re suckers for Passenger and are happy to share his music here with you all. This song, with its thoughtful piano lines, helps to provide a beautiful base for the eloquent vocal textures from Passenger’s voice. Then the storytelling lyrics make this a quintessential folk song; hints of WWII legacy, deep familial love, and a story ultimately of hope. This is beautiful.

Fionn – “Robert”
-Acoustic music is often quite predictable. When I ran across Fionn’s sound, though, I was stopped in my tracks. The opening acoustic strumming seemed pretty standard, but then the vocal cut through with this haunting intimacy that kept me engaged. When the duo vocal joins, there’s a haunting energy that will absolutely make your day… and make you a fan. I’m not sure how they get the effect on the vocal they have here, but it’s production gold.

Tiphanie Doucet – “Under My Sun”
-Doucet has a wonderful voice. When you combine it with sincere songwriting, there’s a delightful connection. I can picture this song playing on a film that has a really cute girl trying to date that just-a-little-too-bad-for-his-own-good handsome guy. You know the type. But anyways, it’s a sweet song with a lot of commercial appeal.

Max Garcia Conover – “Week 73: The End of Fables”
-We’ve covered Conover in the past. Every time he sends us another track I think… oh yeah, he’s sooo good! I am surprised anew by his gift for fingerpicking, songwriting, and storytelling. This is such a thoughtful song I can hardly believe all the power Conover packs into the words. The “be kind, be gentle” advice seeps through wonderfully on this one. I am a big fan of the joyful wisdom here.

Kris Angelis – “Photobooth”
-Angelis is another name that should be familiar to folks who read our site regularly. Her songwriting is really solid, toeing the line between indie and commercial perfectly. There’s a solid production style here that allows all parts of the song to click together well. At the same time, the track feels whimsical and happy about those hot-burning early days of a new relationship. Been there. Lots to think about with this one.

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