New Christian Music – A guest review by Paige Svendsen

Guest Post by Paige Svendsen

Steven Sayles – Fortress
“Fortress” nails the feeling of finding new hope and comfort in something outside of ourselves. This song puts an emphasis on the words sang, rather than the notes played, which is refreshing. The peaceful vibe this artist gives off really draws you in, speaks truth, and hopefully leaves your heart fuller than before. We hope you enjoy this track and everything it has to offer.

Brandin Reed – Broken Hallelujah
“Broken Hallelujah” pulls from a few different styles, part R&B, part country, and all the way intriguing. Reed weaves his voice and band into a chorus of sound, one that you can’t help but listen to deeper. The sound is fun and positive, allowing the listener to learn something and enjoy it at the same time. We think you’ll love it.

Steven Sayles – Unstoppable God
“Unstoppable God” is a totally new adaptation of the Elevation version. Its electronic feel immediately made me perk up, being unexpected and refreshing. Sayles renewed something a little bit old, and rebuilt a song with new momentum. With a nice build dynamically, this song is bound to hit you right in the feels. Enjoy this new take on an Elevation classic!

Harbingers – Sooner or Later
Honestly, “Sooner or Later” hit me in the best way possible. With a beautiful mix of musician and voice, this song starts relaxed and then “takes off” with a blast (excuse the pun, the music video is based around lunar travel). Harbingers created a great experience where even the relaxed parts of the song maintain energy and beautiful melodies. We loved this song, and we think you will too.

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