Calling all college rock stations – check out these bands!

Kid Bloom – “Parents House”
-I love the groove on this track. The lyrics… uh… bring back memories. Ok? Let’s leave it at that. But honestly the whole theme and style of the track isn’t exactly for the family friendly radio station, but it certainly could play on the college rock station. There’s a nice generational mashup with the sound, too, that makes it feel almost timeless in style.

Yonaka – “Fired Up”
-This is a massive HIT song. Honestly just listen to the song’s construction and energy. It just feels like it’s meant for a massive stage with thousands of people singing along. It’s one of those tracks you can picture with a highlight reel montage for a sporting event. “I’m all fired up!” Yep! It’s intense and powerful. This is a hype track if ever there was one.

Northern Faces – “Firecracker”
-Northern Faces have the quintessential indie rock sound, honestly. I love everything about this style. From the space in the guitar line to the clever lyricism, the whole thing feels like it oozes coolness. Oh and if you listen, I’m pretty sure the whole thing is a threat. Like bro you better watch out because your luck is running out. haha. I dig it.

Jenaux – “Ain’t No Sunshine”
-We rarely feature covers or downtempo, so you know if it’s here we really like it. The soul in this song is absolutely off the charts. The overall style is intriguing with layers of electronic sounds you probably don’t associate with soul. That said, we’re happy to reward the innovation here. We could definitely hear this on a college radio station even though it’s outside of the bounds of traditional indie rock stylings.

Royal Teeth – “Never Gonna Quit”
-The energy on this track is positively contagious. The vocals are outstanding, pulling in the listener to an inspirational moment. Whether you’re pushing through on that cardio wall or pumping some iron, this track is great for a workout playlist. It definitely has an unconventional party atmosphere to it, which is why we dig it for your college rock station.

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