Catching the pulse of indie rock

ABQ – “Takes So Long”
-If you’re into the 30 Seconds to Mars arena rock style, you’ll love ABQ. The up tempo rock vibe here is punctuated by really exciting vocal harmonies. The sound overall appeals to my long time interest in this kind of positive vibe rock music. There’s already so much sadness in the world; I don’t always want my music to remind me of that melancholy.

Twilight Driving – “Between the Sheets”
-We’ve been supporting Twilight Driving for a while. You know why? Energy. The synth-heavy rock music is appealing for a variety of reasons, but the energy that flows through the music is palpable. The message of the song is good, too. While it is about… uh… well, you know… appreciating your lover… they do it without the characteristic crassness of so much rock music these days. “My favorite work of art” is actually a really slick line. *writes that in his notes*

Van El – “Japanese Garden”
-This track has a nice chill rock element to it. It’s actually as much folk as it is “rock,” but we’re including it here because it seems to fit the mood. The Fleet Foxes style vocal harmonies of course bring this one close to our souls. There’s a colorful exoticism to the song’s structure. We are drawn into this one and can’t wait to get connected with the rest of Van El’s work.

Glorietta – “Heatstroke”
-If you haven’t heard yet, Glorietta is a folk rock super group featuring some of the biggest names in the genre right now. This particularly track features Matthew Logan Vasquez on vocals. It’s a veritable genre mashup bringing together all sorts of classic rock and pop elements into something that feels intriguing. I am interested to hear what their other tracks are like with different members of the band (namely Ramirez) taking lead.

Wilder Maker – “Gonna Get My Money”
-“My friends all quit the game, but I ain’t goin down. I am gonna get my money.” Okay so the lyrics aren’t the most uplifting we’ve ever covered depending upon how you interpret what they money is about. That said, there’s a raw emotionalism to this folk rock track that keeps us interested. The quality on the lead vocal gives that rowdy 70s connotation like Tom Petty after he’s had a few too many; this ain’t the pop hand-clappy folk, so the rawness of it is the appeal.

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