Five indie pop tracks to celebrate independence

Perlo – “Call Me a Fool”
-This cool indie pop song from Perlo is the perfect balance between a moving beat and a chill vibe. When the two come together with sweet vocals on top, it feels like a really comfortable listening experience. The key lyric “call me a fool I finally found a way to make this better” is about finding a relationship that brings happiness. It’s sweet with just a hint of saucy; good stuff.

Tuxedo Wildlife – “Depths”
-The thoughtful lyricism and unconventional rhythm come together in this track for something you literally have never heard before. The quality on the lead vocal steals the show. The expressive sense of independence, desiring to “turn it all around” drips from the track with encouragement. I can’t imagine how much practice it took to get this vocal right.

TELYkast – “Summertime” ft. Rachel Raquel
-This song has absolutely taken off. Before we could even cover it, it’s over 17k plays on Soundcloud. You can hear a top 40 appeal to the style. Something about it reminds me of Kid Cudi from a year ago. The whole composition is solid with good vocal and a really solid grind of a beat.

Jesse Denaro – “Slow Dance”
-So I was into this track because of the Kenny Wayne Shepard blues rock vibe… then I saw Jesse Denaro is from Pittsburgh and got really excited! Hopefully I can catch this one live. There’s a solid inflection in his vocal that will put you in mind of a sort of Hendrix era rock vocalist. The guitar work is tight and original.

Stereo Honey – “Don’t Speak”
-Have you ever heard of a little band called U2? If so, you’ll dig Stereo Honey. Seriously the comparison is almost too easy to make on this one. But this arena rock style is intriguing, with a lead vocal that commands the track and punctuated percussion that builds the passion of the song. The atmospheric electric guitar work makes it feel ethereal and complex. The song really clicks and I think it has the potential to really take off.

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