New neoclassical compositions awaiting your discovery

Daniela Mastrandrea – “Lo Specchio”
-Mastrandrea’s compositions are lush and rewarding. If you put this piece on, you’ll feel yourself begin to immediately calm down. The melody line is comforting yet will keep you engaged. It’s the perfect style of music for a relaxing time of reading or writing.

Wayne Adley – “Lighthouse”
-This is the kind of composition that pulls me into the neoclassical genre. It’s certainly not proper classical music from a bygone era, but rather brings classic instrumentation into a modern age. There’s no need for lights and smoke machines to make a dynamic statement. The mere imagery of the title – a lighthouse – comes through clearly as a beacon shining light into the darkness. This is a captivating piece of piano art that allures.

Raining Yu – “Passion I”
-Cinematic. Moving. Enthralling. These are terms that are easy to use for Raining Yu’s composition “Passion I.” The sullen piano work moves along the track which has the mood set by some lower, brooding strings. As the melody on the piano rises later in the track, the listener can’t help but feel a raw emotionalism in the style. Was this passion written for a love, for a home, or about an adventure? It’s curious and captivating. I can’t wait to hear more.

David Chutka – “#10”
-The phrasing in David Chutka’s “#10” is breathtaking. As each line finishes, Chutka allows for just enough white space for the listener to hold their breath for a moment. It’s really remarkable the way it allows the mind to ease into the crevices of the sound. Characters emerge. Moments from the past blend with hopes of the future. The piano provokes, the white space enables, and the composition develops a new dimension for creativity and conjecture. I love this track.

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