Rapid rising indie pop – Lunchtime Playlist May 15

George Marino and EllesDee – “Around the World”
-This electro pop anthem has a ton of energy to it. We’re not always a fan of “club” style anthems, but this one has a kind of chill vibe to it that we found more appealing than most. EllesDee’s vocal is on point throughout the track, with some impressive runs that show exceptional talent. We’re hoping to hear more from her in other genres soon.

Loud Forest – “Hold On”
-We’ve covered Loud Forest in the past. They bring another energetic track here for everyone. The electro is tastefully done, serving the energy and message of the vocal. The beat is enough to get you dancing, but it’s also the kind of song you can listen to casually. It’s got a good groove and singable melody. Good stuff.

SkinnyDip – “Call It Off” feat Claire Brooks
-This addictive electro pop track is, frankly, inspiring. The dynamic is one of conversation between two people who are trying to figure out the posture of their relationship. But the lead vocal here is so saucy, it really makes the track pop in a super crowded genre. The groove is excellent. I could listen to this over and over.

Declan O’Donovan – “Hank”
-The rolling work on the piano here is outSTANDING. The vibrancy on this track is really something we don’t hear very often. The lyrics, then, add an extra dimension of bringing a sort of mythical character to life. The lead vocal is cool and articulate, allowing the listener to get lost in the narrative and vibe out on the layered instrumentation on the verses. This is truly a standout performance from a more melodic form of Dr Dog like folk music.

Written Years – “Superficial Feeling”
-Written Years has an excellent production and sound about them. The lyrics of this track work perfectly with that kind of updated 80s vibe they create. The harmonies here are particularly interesting because they come across as so subtle. The whole composition is tight and radio ready. I would love to hear more music like this on the charts. Let’s help these talented rising stars get there!

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