Dig into some indie rock – Lunchtime Playlist May 9

Flourishes – “Bitten by the Drug”
-Alt rock can be pretty hard to find quality because there are a lot of bands that just add distortion or discordant sections to make it “alternative.” What I like about Flourishes is that the music is unique at its very core. It doesn’t have conventional melodies, but still moves in an interesting direction. It’s not hand-clapping, bee-bopping pop rock… and it’ll make you really listen.

Yukon Blonde – “Love the Way You Are”
-This up tempo rock song does a nice job of making you feel comfortable. When you listen to the vocal, there’s a real sauciness to it. The lyrics show someone who appreciates their love and isn’t afraid to express that. It’s cool and sensual in a way that you don’t really expect. The best adjective for it is “smooth.”

Automatic Fiction – “Lightness is a Greatness”
-I don’t always like synth heavy rock music, but when I do it sounds just like this. The positive vibes from this track are palpable. I love everything from the guitar to the mix to the vocals. The whole composition reminds me of a mashup of 80s rock with something a bit more modern. I can’t help but think of a futuristic vision when I listen to this.

The Buddy McEarns Band – “Check Your Meter”
-These cats are probably more classic rock than pure indie rock, but whatever we liked it and we want it on this list. The blues rock style here is infectiously enjoyable. It makes you want a stiff drink. The easy comparison is someone like the Allman Brothers Band and we’re glad to hear someone is keeping this musical tradition alive.

The Yada Yada Yadas – “Seven Years”
-One might expect a band named after a Seinfeld Catchphrase to have a bit more of a dated sound. However, it feels fresh and new. The lead vocal has a bit of a pop punk tone and it lays over a kind of Weezer style melody. The introspective lyrics stay in that tradition as well. It’s an impressive indie rock sound and we’re glad to have run across them.

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