Toe tapping folk to start your week off right! – Lunchtime Playlist May 7

Westin and Mowry – “Company I Keep”
-Some may not be aware that American roots music, namely American/Appalachian folk music comes from the traditions of Scotch-Irish folk songs. You can definitely hear it on this great folk salvo from Westin and Mowry. The beat and the melody both remind me of a song best served with a pint. It’s a feel-good, pub-closing song!

Billy Stonecipher – “Sun and the Stars”
-We discovered Stonecipher earlier this year and we’ve been really thrilled with his music. There’s a coolness to his vocal tone and composition style that makes it really easy to enjoy. The way that he delivers his lines comes across like he’s crying out sincere expressions. The astronomical description on this one is fascinating. The whole vibe is super chill.

Hollis Peach – “Yukon River”
-Just like the first time I heard Shovels and Rope, the vocal harmonies and raw lyricism of Hollis Peach hit me right between the eyes. There’s a timelessness to the story of common people making it in hard conditions. The expression of getting a bathtub “for the first time” really spoke to me… making me reflect on just how easy I’ve had it in my life. Hollis Peach tell the story of common folks who dream for something better. It’s beautifully raw.

Oliver Hazard – “Illinois”
-This song from Oliver Hazard has a lot of character to it. The vocal is really strong, leading into a fun toe-tapping folk style on the chorus. The jangly tambourine and strum action gives it an optimism. There’s a wonderful paradox in the memory of a place (or person) that makes you remember both the good and the bad, what you loved but also what you despised. This track captures that well.

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