Five indie pop tracks to close out April – Lunchtime Playlist April 30

Sleeping Lion – “Easy For You”
-Relationship drama produces some really interesting, emotionally driven music. This indie pop track from Sleeping Lion feels very “current” with elements of electro pop and a ton of authentic lyricism. Unlike the cynicism of a generation before, these guys sing exactly what they’re feeling. It’s a great entry in the indie pop genre for 2018.

Owen Denvir – “Human Touch”
-Take some Sam Smith vocals and add some classic Motown backing, you’ll have this incredible tune from Owen Denvir. It’s an infectious pop love ballad about just wanting to touch that special someone. The tension is palpable. The simple lyricism and easy harmonies invoke the 60s with beauty and grace.

Northern National – “C.H.A.R.L.I.”
-Putting this rock track on an “indie pop” list might get us in trouble with the band, but the optimistic chords and epic overall style lead us to believe that it works on this list. The rising arena rock style doesn’t necessarily feel like typical indie rock, but it definitely resonates as one of those tracks you can picture singing at a festival with your friends. The lyrics are actually pretty deep about self discovery and making choices based on learning who you are. It’s thoughtful, evocative indie pop rock music.

Synnora – “Business”
-This harmonic indie pop song has some fantastic vocals. The songwriting is pure and reminds me a bit of a band called the Harmaleighs we featured a few years ago. While the aesthetic is minimal here, it works really well to allow the vocal harmonies to take center stage. It’s hard not to think the word “angelic” regarding the harmony.

Elliot Moss – “99”
-Where pop music usually inhabits a positive space, Moss has listeners feeling a bit melancholy here. The snappy pop vibe helps to make the deep sadness of desiring to run away from everything a bit easier to hear. It’s not exactly suicidal, but it’s definitely a reflection on the thought to leave for good. The electronic production elements help to sooth the deep cutting lyrics.

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