Five super fresh tracks – Lunchtime Playlist April 26

David Davis – “Little Mo Betta”
-If you’re looking for a feel-good track, this one is sure to get you going. It’s a fun, dance tune that will put you in mind of acts like the Jackson Five. The pop soul vibe is a lot of fun. Davis nails his runs and does a really good job of conveying a fun, energizing feeling of falling in love with a fresh style.

Hamish Anderson – “U”
-The art of the slow dance tune seems to be dying. Enter Hamish Anderson, who croons a wonderful timeless song about being in love. Yeah so what if it’s blues. This is a heartsick man crying out for the one that he loves. The organ and guitar are exceptional on this, delivering a full performance that demands attention far and wide. Close your eyes, lean in to your love, and give it a sway.

Margeaux Avril – “Drifting”
-Indie electro pop is a really crowded scene right now, so you know when we do cover it that it must be really good. Avril brings a sound that is infectiously good, drawing an easy comparison with Maggie Rogers. Avril’s vocal is crystal clear. The lyrics are relatable for anyone who has ever felt a relationship fall apart. It’s full of raw emotion, but has that seductive beat that will get you moving even if you’re crying.

Elina – “Wild Enough”
-The opening piano on this track gets my attention right away. Then the vocal begins and I can’t turn away. I’m sucked right into the track. I love the moving style here, deep with emotion and satisfying in the dynamic lyricism. The breakdown of “am I wild enough for you?” is excellent. How many times have you been in a relationship where you just didn’t feel like you could be enough for someone? This one’s got some guts.

Young Jack – “Move”
-So this is what I had in mind when I titled this playlist of “fresh” songs. I mean, sure they’re all like a week old so brand new. But this song has some crisp lines and some absolutely fantastic turns to it. Something about the attitude reminds me of Lenny Kravitz and I say that with utmost respect. This is funky and rock heavy; it’s about as fresh as music can get if you ask me. Get to movin’!

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