Five tasty singer songwriters – Lunchtime Playlist April 10

Ben Wagner – “Take My Time”
-This snappy pop singer songwriter will get your lunchbreak off to a great start. His guitar work might put some in the mind of someone like Jack Johnson. There’s an intrinsic optimism to the chord structure and style that Wagner presents here. The message is about embracing life and not rushing through things; make the most of it.

Georgia Greene – “Lonely for you”
-If it’s any indication how I really feel about this song, I immediately thought I really want to share it with my wife. It’s sweet and sentimental. Greene’s vocal style is addictively good. The intimacy and articulation in each line makes it feel like she’s really singing to someone who has broken her heart or she’s just longing to be with. It’s beautiful and a timeless song.

Sean Christopher – “Cherokee”
-One of my favorite things about running an international music blog is that we get submissions from all over the world. This one, from Sean Christopher, comes from the Netherlands and perfectly embodies the genre we call Americana. The theme is even distinctly American, discussing the Native American people the Cherokee. The lyrics are a bit hard to follow sometimes, but the mood of the piece is hypnotic and enjoyable.

Lazyrevs – “Cold Feet”
-The imagery of cold feet always makes me think of someone backing out of a wedding, but really it’s about more than that. What does it mean to ask the hard questions and to doubt yourself? This beautiful track from Irish singer songwriter Lazyrevs does a really great job of making you think about what might have been. Fans of Ingrid Michaelson and that style of acoustic pop will enjoy this track for sure.

Max Minardi – “Lately”
-I just added this song to three different playlists on our Soundcloud because Minardi does such a great job of embodying the genres we love around here. Conjuring comparison with James Taylor, Minardi has the ability to bring a positive moving vibe with his authentic singer songwriter style. When you listen to this track you will immediately relate to Minardi’s longing to be with someone who left. It’s upbeat but strikingly sad.

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