An uptempo list to kick off the week – Lunchtime Playlist April 9

nomad – “2 Flares”
-This up tempo hit track has a ton of pure energy to it. We feel the danceable rock groove at our core. The crisp lines from the electric guitar help to give the track an atmospheric quality, then the drums keep you moving. The whole composition just screams modern indie rock hit potential.

Isak Thomas – “Old School Walk”
-I know what you’re thinking – why is this song on an uptempo playlist when it starts slow? Stay with it. Like all good soul burners, it gets going. You can feel the energy palpably building in the song, creating an exciting mood that will motivate you to walk with a bit of a strut yourself. Maybe rather than it being about the tempo, it’s more about the mood. This is an upper.

The 502s – “What to do”
-The inevitable comparisons here are Lumineers and Mumford, but really the 502s have an energy all their own and we love it. The horn on this track is absolutely out-freaking-standing. The tempo will get you toe tapping at worst and probably up and dancing. If you’re looking for some music to go with your coffee at work, this is definitely a great choice.

Times Like These – “Moody Blue (Synesthesia)”
-The pure rock style here is exciting and fun. The opening line “twenty-three and you’re stupid and reckless” is fantastic. I look back on that period in my own life and feel it on a spiritual level. The raw emotionalism of the song is excellent. The lyrics match the power pop punk style perfectly. Fans of bands like Good Charlotte will find a lot to like with these emerging punks.

Malina Moye – “Betta than U”
-Get ready to clap your hands. This attitude-laden track is anything but modest. It’s about declaring your place in the world, putting your foot down and going for it. If you’re the kind of person who likes that “pump up” vibe before a big game (or a long commute), this is the track for you. The balance of heavy beat and rock guitar lick work really well together… then gospel break comes in and I. AM. DONE. So good.

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