Five Indie Folk Songs To Feed Your Soul

Whitney Fenimore – “Find Your Love”

“Find Your Love” starts sparse and builds into epic soundscape of reverberating rock instruments and Fenimore’s soaring vocals. Her lyrics evoke the intense feeling of longing for something you simply cannot have. This song is going to be on repeat in my car for a while.

Little Quirks – “Crumbled”

Little Quirks, an all-girl indie folk band from Australia, is definitely channeling some Mumford & Sons vibes with this new track. It’s tough not to like. They do a lovely job of building up and and easing down with driving percussion, banjo, bass, guitars, and the occasional cello line. Listen if you’re in the mood to feel empowered.

Bad Strangers – “Feel It”

This Canadian folk duo stands out in their vocal talents and lyrical prowess. “Feel It” highlights their ability to switch independently between singing lead and harmony with natural ease. And as a trumpet player myself, I can always appreciate when a little tasteful trumpet is added to the texture of a song.

Tyler Key – “West Bethlehem”

Mr. Key possess and incredibly unique voice; the tender vibrato makes the listener wonder if he might be on the verge of tears. He knows exactly what he wants to communicate and does it flawlessly. The lo-fi sound of the track adds to its charm and reminds me of some of Justin Vernon’s earlier work.

River Whyless – “Born In The Right Country”

River Whyless’ “Born In The Right Country” puts forth a social and political message outlining privilege. They eloquently point out different ways that it is easier for some types of people to get ahead in our society. The musical side is somewhat reserved, almost as if to highlight the importance of the message of the song. All in all, it’s a strong statement wrapped up in a lovely sonic box.

Rachel Bearinger is also an indie musician herself. You can find her work by searching her name on Spotify, iTunes, and the like.

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