Five singer songwriters we believe in – Lunchtime Playlist April 4

Colour Of Rice – “Coming Home”
-This song from Colour Of Rice is full of the genuineness that we search for with music. There’s no excess performance; the heart comes through the strings with clarity and precision. The vocal lays over the acoustic guitar like a blanket carefully laid upon a loved one at night. It’s about missing family and feeling that distance, but aching to stop that drift. It’s beautiful.

Trevor Ohlsen – “Michigan”
-When I first heard this song, I shared it with friends on social media explaining how his tone and phrasing are outstanding. The more I listen to it, the more I like it. There’s a depth to the songwriting that feels familiar, yet fresh. Some names you might use for comparison are Ed Sheeran or Brett Dennan, but really Ohlsen is carving out his own niche here with a sincerity and bright tenor vocal that is sure to make him many fans.

Kelly Torres – “Crazy Ex-Girlfriend”
-This ballad from Kelly Torres has a really interesting message to it. The piano work here is what really draws in the listener, but there’s a scathing lyrical detail here that will keep repeated listens interesting. It’s full of raw emotion and depth that is unexpected from this seemingly sweet style.

Kelan Galligan – “Brightens Me”
-Do you hear that smooth fingerpicking on the guitar? Incredible. Now add over top of it a creative melody and perfect vocal execution and you get an exceptional modern folk song. There’s a poetic quality to the lyrics that keep me interested. The subtle backing strings complete the sound. I can’t wait to hear more from Galligan’s precise ear for folk stylings.

Matt Shill – “Spain”
-Take a gruff blues voice and give it an uptempo folk song… that’s what you get with Matt Shill’s new song “Spain.” It’s about the memory of an incredible romantic trip in Spain. The thing about Shill’s voice, though, is that while it has a gruffness in the lower parts he has a fantastic falsetto that dominates the chorus with a haunting desperation. He wants her back and he’s heartbroken. We’ve all been there buddy and we feel for you.

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