A feel-good fun playlist – Lunchtime Playlist April 3

The Majestic Ones – “I’ll be there”
-I put this song on my “song of the year candidates” list immediately after hearing it. There’s something just wonderful about the composition here. It reminds me of a bygone era in pop music that, frankly, I wish would return. The strings and horns are just glorious. The optimistic lyrics remind me of something from Bill Withers or Randy Newman. It’s amazing.

Towers and Trees – “Head down, heart up”
-Get ready to clap your hands with this one. It’s quintessential indie pop, full of brightness and positivity. This is a really fun track and I hope everyone loves it as much as I do. It’s about getting through rough situations with someone that you love; working together for each other. It’s so catchy!

Nathan Angelo – “Timeless”
-Neosoul is a sexy genre, let’s just be honest with ourselves here. I mean tell me you don’t hear Teddy Pendergrass when you hear this voice. Angelo’s style is really excellent. His copy compared him with Allen Stone and I think that’s totally legit. No matter what you call it, though, Angelo is dripping with romantic soul on this track. It’s feel good for sure.

The Breedings – “Love Only You”
-We don’t often cover tracks that are a few years old, but we’re happy we found this one. It’s a romantic song, of course, but it has a really sweet feel to it that we really wanted to share. The male-female harmonies really make the song feel comfortable and enjoyable. I could definitely hear this track on a Hall and Oates style playlist.

Grant Kennedy – “Amsterdam”
-If you’re looking for an adventure in a song, give Grant Kennedy a spin. The vocal might make you think it’s a conventional folk song, but let me assure you this is a high energy pop folk track. The key question asks where your heart is. While the song is ostensibly for one person, it creates a beautiful reflective moment for anyone listening to the track. The whistling is unexpectedly great.

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