Do you have any playlists? Why YES we do.

We get asked fairly frequently if we ever curate playlists. Yes, we do! We actually have handful on our Spotify account, but the meat and potatoes of our playlisting has been on Soundcloud. Are you following us there?

Here are a few lists we’d like to feature for this early spring season.

Perhaps unsurprisingly we have quite a few folk tracks that we’ve approved already this spring. The list grows by a few pretty much every week. You’ll notice that in addition to this mix, we have the past few seasons as well. Give it a spin. Once you’ve heard them all once, try the “shuffle” mode and hear them all again. If you find one you love, give us a shout on Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram to tell us which artist you found and love now.

From the suave Charley Crockett to the subtle sweetness of MacKenzie Lockhart, this singer songwriter list has something for everyone. It’s impossible to pick a favorite, so we’d be thrilled if you’d give them all a spin. If you look at the plays, you’ll notice that some of these artists are criminally undercover. Let’s help them get some spins and loyal new fans.

Picture this – it’s the afternoon and you’re at work. You’re getting a bit drousy and the boss is looking. You don’t want to tell the boss just how you really feel about these spreadsheets. Instead you slap on your best headphones and crank a rock list that has you blues hopping in your seat. But be careful you don’t look like you’re having too much fun. Keep the chair dancing to a professional level; we’re not advocating anarchy over here.

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