Lunchtime Playlist March 27 – Singer Songwriters with charm

Augustus James – “The Hardest Part”
-This acoustic song from Augustus James is really good. We’re happy to share James’s articulate acoustic style. He expresses emotions with interesting lyrics. What we like best, though, is the cool and easy fingerpicking style that defines the song.

Ren – “The Writer”
-Ren writes songs like prayers or calls for support. They come across with great sincerity. In fact, this one reminds me of an old songwriter by the name of John Hartford. He’s got that timeless phrasing and intonation to his music. Give “The Writer” a spin if you’re looking for a good storyteller’s tale.

Port by Indigo – “Water Honed Stones”
-Port by Indigo is a really interesting folk singer songwriter act. He reminds me a bit of the kind of music that initially motivated us to start this site. It’s so dynamic and interesting, I can’t help but wonder why he’s not a household name. There’s a ton of raw emotion in the dynamics of the song. It just feel like a comfortable song, but I almost guarantee you haven’t heard it yet.

Joe Keegan – “Pick Myself Up”
-Joe Keegan’s songwriting has hope in its strings. There’s a lightness and a joy to the sound overall. The lyrics of this one are about getting up after being knocked down by something in life. The positive vibes and bouncy harmonies will have you singing along with this one in no time.

Native – “Don’t Forget Me”
-Atmospheric and meek, there is great strength in the truthful sincerity of Native’s songwriting. Don’t let the calm delivery in the opening fool you; this song grows and gets bigger. It’s a cry out for love, for attention, to be seen and noticed. It’s a beautiful salvo of tenderness and grace.

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