Artist Feature: Chill rockers Cyrus Temple (February Battle of the Bands Winners)

Maybe we could call it rock hop or some other trendy blend of genre names, but there’s definitely a modern rock vibe to the Cyrus Temple sound. The cool vibe reminds me a bit of what I first liked about Kid Cudi several years ago. There’s the sense that these cats would be making this music no matter who listens. It’s just that devil-may-care attitude of rock that we totally appreciate.

“Naomi’s Song” is a really cool track with some heavy hitting bass and smooth lyrical lines. The genre may not feel like rock to other listeners, but the attitude and core of the track definitely fits the genre. I’m not sure how to pronounce “Tr8ll” so I’m glad this isn’t a radio show. Let’s just say the mix on the vocal blending is pretty cool. What you’ll experience listening to this song is something unique; it’s not a melody or sonic texture you’ve ever heard before. In a music world of so much repetition and copycatting, it’s nice to find someone with a genuine artistry and originality, even if you don’t totally love the hiphop-rock blend.

The third single they’ve released is a song called “Reflection.” It has all the band’s characteristic markers of a punctuated beat, nice bass line, and atmospheric psych rock vocals. The lyrics feel like a diary entry, reflecting on those raw and difficult feelings of looking at a relationship. It’s a poet’s track with a chill ass beat. Get it.

The final track “Losin My Mind” is the song that won the band this feature. I’m not sure what more I could say about this band or this track because I’ve already put it out there; I dig this mood. If you’ve never felt like this – like you’ve lost your mind falling for someone – then I kind of feel bad for you. It’s such a wild experience and Cyrus Temple killed it with this track. It’s the kind of song that captures a historical moment really well; this is a deeply emotional snapshot of a generation.

If you’re offended by lyrics that cuss or talk about drugs, this band isn’t for you. But honestly, they approach these topics with a real maturity. The whole set of tracks feels authentic and like people just grappling with what it means to be human. I would like to hear more with the “Losin’ My Mind” chill vibe more so than the hiphop elements, but that’s personal preference. I hope Cyrus Temple stay true to themselves moving forward with this promising music career.

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