Lunchtime Playlist March 22 – An Americana grab-bag of goodies

Mamas Gun – “I Need a Win”
-This UK-based band sounds like they came right out of Stax in Muscle Shoals, Alabama. In fact, the groove on this track is so good you’ll think you’re listening to an album from the early 70s. It’s one of my favorite tracks I’ve found so far in 2018 and I’m definitely putting it on the song of the year candidate list. The lead vocalist has listened to some Bill Withers, I can tell you that much.

J Hutton – “No Kidding”
-Hutton classifies his music as “modern soul” and that is pretty much spot on. The groove on this track is absolutely chill as… well… yeah. It’s cool. As a former horn player, that trumpet was pretty slick, too. Hutton’s vox are smooth enough to work with the overall style. This is easily one of the top five modern soul submissions we’ve gottent his year.

WYO – “Wake Up”
-This track embodies Americana rock music. There’s a certain jangliness to the track that gives it the sub-genre. I dig the easy rhythm to the song that makes me think of a guy like Joe Cocker or even the Beatles “Little Help from My Friends.” It’s a good song with a nice full composition and a vocal that feels just a little murky, like it’s been down the dusty road before.

Delafaye – “Anyway”
-Something about Delafaye’s music puts me in mind of an ETTG favorite who goes by the name of Ryan Adams. There’s a contemplative sincerity to the lyricism. “I wish I was fine… I wish I really was.” Wow, we can all relate to that. The guitars have this open sensation to them that allow the poetic lyrics to cut right through. The production doesn’t have that perfect gloss of the top 40 and the looseness of it is exactly why we enjoy it.

Jocelyn and Chris Arndt – “Footprints on the Moon”
-Oh this is a saucy, delicious track. (Hey, it’s a lunchtime playlist… I can say that!) Jocelyn Arndt is a flat out SINGER. The attitude here is obviously easy to compare with someone like Grace Potter, but she stands on her own two feet. The jazzy style feels a bit like Joss Stone, which is some pretty incredible company to keep. This is not the last time you’re going to read about this duo on ETTG I can guaran-damn-tee that.

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