Lunchtime Playlist March 20 – Five emerging indie pop bands

Orion Starchild – “Fire of Love”
-Orion Starchild is one of the best complete acts we’ve discovered so far in 2018. From a catchy and interesting name to a truly unique sound, it’s a band that captures the “it” factor really well. Some elements of this song sound like 70s power rock, other elements feel like more modern electro music. No matter what you call it, this is a really fun song that makes you want to sing your lungs out with them.

Wanderer – “Miss You More at Night”
-This is the definition of a pop song from Wanderer. The atmospheric keys and literal snapping makes it feel like you’re at the club with some snazzy lights all around you. Anyone who has ever had that nostalgic experience looking back at a past relationship (or potential relationship) will love this song. It’s got a sneaky emotionalism to it as you’ll find yourself grooving to the beat and the BOOM some emotion will blast you right in the face.

Vinyl Station – “Here Comes Your Ghost”
-Sometimes you hear a band and just can’t believe that they’re making music in 2018. That’s how I felt the first time I heard Vinyl Station, a fascinating synthesis of the last thirty years in pop music. The Coldplay-style atmospheric rock is really pleasing to the ear. They have an energy that really works for this song. The lyrical content about being reminded about someone from your past is absolutely fantastic.

Only Sun – “Lives”
-The lyrics on this track “Lives” from Only Sun are fast and interesting. It’s about how people’s lives are complex and interconnected, but it can be legitimately hard to follow everyone. The line “he’s not a savior” is really pointed and carries a spiritual meaning that you might not expect from an uptempo happy-feeling rock vibe.

Pole Siblings – “Carve”
-The softness of the song is juxtaposed nicely with some really dark lyrics about harming someone. This is fascinating, deep art full of symbolism. The subtle style of the lead vocal is definitely something you need to hear. The isolated line “I feel anger” is one of the most human things we’ve heard in music this year and we hope millions of people have a chance to embrace this song and come to grips with their raw emotions.

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