Album Review: Strangers by Accident – Reckless (Winner NMF Ep 79)

Strangers by Accident are a rock-based folk outfit. Their sound reminds me of bands like the Wind and the Wave or even Little Hurricane. It’s a saucy style that keeps me coming back for more.

The first track “Dealer” has great grungy guitars that are not what you expect from this kind of male-female folk duo. The dynamics move from subtle moments of intimate harmonies into aggressive, raucous rock breaks. The guitar solo on this track is excellent, reminding us they are not just a sweet little folk duo. This packs a powerful musical punch.

“Seattle” is an interesting song that incorporates factors of love and a sense of needing to leave. The lead passes between the two voices, creating a fun storytelling element. Anyone who has ever gone somewhere for a new start but then craved home will relate to this song.

Sticking with the PNW geographic theme, the following “Portland” has a nice cool rock-based folk sound too. The lyrics discuss that itch for traveling some call wanderlust. It’s a song that conveys, to me, my impression of what Portland really feels like. It’s a bit crunchy, a bit moving, and mostly seems like it’s what I should be listening to right now.

The title track “Reckless” is a slow burning blues song in the absolute best way possible. It starts off so slow, in fact, that it feels out of place on the album until you get to the vocals. When they start singing, though, you’re going to do that thing where you slowly lower your high ball from your mouth… and you lick your lips and look up at the stage like “who the hell is this?” You’ll do that, even if it’s your water glass and you’re at home in your recliner. Trust me. It’s a song that absolutely stands out from the crowd in this rock-Americana-folk scene.

The last full track on the album is “Broken,” a driving rock song that fits in well with the earlier songs. It’s more of a pure rock song with a heartbroken element to the lyrics that is sure to resonate with a lot of listeners. This is one of those songs that explains why we even blog because it deserves much, much wider coverage.

People would love this band if they found them. They’re a band that fuses together two really popular styles of music. If you know someone who enjoys pop folk music and rock music, share this review with them. Strangers by Accident deserve the attention that equals their incredible songwriting and performing talent.

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