Lunchtime Playlist March 15: An eclectic mix for the Ides of March

We don’t really have any reason to “celebrate” the Ides of March. It’s kind of a morbid memory, honestly. But we do have five eclectic songs that will give you something to ponder over lunchtime.

Joel Levi – “Will We Ever Change?”
-Whether you call it Americana or folk, Joel Levi’s music is something to keep your ears on in the coming days. It’s obvious that he’s a gifted songwriter. It dances nicely on the line between pop country and genuine Americana music. Sometimes it puts me in the mind of someone like David Ramirez, other times like Dawes. In either instance, he’s in good company with this rock-based, thoughtful tune.

RNV – “Red Swan”
-Downtempo is a fascinating genre that brings out quite an odd mix of different sounds. This track from RNV gives a brilliant version of the genre, blending together rock, jazz, and electronic elements for a truly unique sound. Of course the lead vocal is the best part, but the overall mood of the track is complex and will get you concentrating to grasp the mystery of the red swan.

Phil Good – “Better”
-You might be surprised to see Phil Good on our site. He’s already a legitimate star in the electro pop scene. Why is he on an “emerging music” site? Well, one because he sent us this music. But two because we really enjoyed the energy of the track. It’s not a style we always feature, but it’s nice to hear a positive message with an uptempo beat. It’s a mood we want blasting into our ears more often.

Leon III – “Between the Saddle and the Ground”
-This relaxed blues rock song might just knock you off your feet. The chord structure feels familiar like something you’d hear on a Joe Cocker album. The vocal packs a punch. But what makes this song so powerful is the combination of all the elements from the structure to the vocal to the lyrics. It’s a wholistic powerful listening experience.

The Tomicks – “I’m Good for It”
-My note on these guys says “they remind me of Chicago.” Yeah, that’s pretty high praise, but it’s true. I’m not sure if it’s the tone on the lead vocal or just the overall mood, but it feels like comfortable classic rock. It’s not every day you hear a rock track where the piano steals the show, but it absolutely does here.

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