Lunchtime Playlist March 12: Five acoustic singer songwriters

We’re going to make a new feature on the site – a daily playlist that releases at our lunchtime. So grab a balogna sammich and enjoy some tunes. Here we present five singer songwriters who will melt your precious little hearts.

Jordy Searcy – “Explaining Jesus”
-I need to tell you two things about this song. First, it’s my favorite song about the Christian faith that I’ve heard since Gundersen’s “Jesus Jesus.” Secondly, it’s immediately going on my “song of the year” list. The acoustic style reminds me the way that Greg Holden writes music… and that’s pretty amazing. It’s obligatory to mention that Searcy was on the Voice, which is cool. It’s not obligatory but still cool to mention that we’re setting up an interview with him soon.

Ryan Berg – “The Resolution”
-Berg’s songwriting is pure. This track has an authenticity to it that I find infectiously enjoyable. The melody here is simple and satisfying. The vocal style is reminds me a little of Gregory Alan Isakov at times, a bit like Ray Lamontagne at other times. He’s in good company. The lyrics will make you reflect on your life.

Jamie Yost – “Stay”
-Yost has a comfortable acoustic songwriting style. It’s clear that he has a strong sense of melody. The vocal feels genuine, creating a full sound. The core message of the lyrics is about enduring, staying with someone even though there seems to be an inevitable break. There’s a ton of raw emotion that comes through in the mix of the vocals and the backing strings.

Whale Bones – “Backyard”
-Although listed as alt rock rather than singer songwriter, this sound fits the playlist really well. The overall style is acoustic and satisfying in that regard. The way the acoustic rolls up and down the scale makes it really memorable. The vocal has a real sense of desperation to it, making it a song that sticks with you after you hear it.

Harry Pane – “Beautiful Life”
-Pane’s vocal style stands out from the pack in an instant. He has a quality to his tone that is immediately interesting. When you add high level fingerpicking and evocative lyrics, you get he recipe for a hit singer songwriter. Reminding me of folks like George Ezra and Greg Holden, Pane is well on his way to success in this genre. The dynamics of this song alone are worth the price of admission.

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