Artist Interview: Henry Jamison – Acoustic singer songwriter

When we first heard Henry Jamison, we enjoyed his songwriting and style considerably. When we recently got the opportunity to ask about his music, we had to ask him some questions about his sound. Listen to his voice on this single and you’re sure to hear two artists we love – Taylor Goldsmith and The Tallest Man on Earth. Get to know him a bit here:

How did you get your start in music?

My dad had a tape recorder that I made some pots and pans records on. I started writing more song-like stuff maybe around 3rd grade.

Who are your primary influences?

Leonard Cohen, composer Arvo Pärt, filmmaker Ingmar Bergman, America (not the band, but also somewhat the band)

What does your songwriting process look like?

A lot of singing gibberish over chords I like, making voice memos and then listening back for good moments. Often the words come out of gibberish.

Can you tell us the story behind your song “Real Peach?”

Yeah, my girlfriend and I were fighting a bit and I just strummed that one out for some catharsis. I had also written the second verse partially a long time before, which is why there’s that meta quality to it. Mostly it isn’t about a particular thing that happened and more about an atmosphere of a certain time.

You seem to play a good bit in the folk/acoustic genre. What draws you to that style?

I might have said convenience a year or so ago, but I do seem to gravitate towards acoustic guitars, at least for now. They’re warm and have a calm quality but also add a texture and timbre that’s very different from my voice.

What would be your dream gig?

It’s happening March 6th. Sometimes it feels like my dream gig is no gig at all, but I think I’ll be excited again by the end of February.

Image credit: Patrick McCormack

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